Art Song

Argento, D Six Elizabethan Songs (Complete)      
Arne, T   The Fall of Phaeton          
       O Come, O Come, My Dearest      
    Why so Pale and Wan?        
Baber, S   A Nun Takes the Veil          
    Despite and Still (Complete)        
    Hermit Songs (Complete)        
    Nocturne, Op. 13, No. 4        
    Nuvoletta, Op.25          
    Secrets of the Old          
    The Daisies          
Balfe, M. W. Come into the Garden, Maud        
Beach, A   The Year’s at the Spring        
Berg, A   Lover's Ode          
Bernstein, L I Hate Music (Complete)        
       To What You Said          
Blitzstein, G Regina            
    What will it be for me        
Britten, B   Night covers up the rigid land        
    On this Island (Complete)        
    Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo (Complete)    
    The Ash Grove          
    The red cockatoo          
    Wee Willie            
Carter, B   Lonely House          
Carter, E   Dust of Snow          
Chanler, T   These, My Ophelia          
    8 Epitaphs 4. Thomas Logge        
Cipullo, T    Another Reason Why I Don’t Keep a Gun in the House (Complete) 
    The Cloths of Heaven          
Clarke, R   At the River          
Copland, A I bought Me a Cat          
    Long Time Ago          
    Simple Gifts          
    The Golden Willow Tree        
    The Little Horses          
    Twelve Songs of Emily Dickinson      
        Heart, We Will Forget Him        
        There Came a Wind Like a Bugle      
    A Minor Bird          
Dougherty, C Sorrow, Stay          
Dowland, J Weep you no more, sad fountaines        
    Bread and Music          
Duke, J   I carry your heart          
    Songs out of Sorrow          
    The Bird            
Elgar, E   Sea Slumber- Song, Op. 37, No. 1      
Fine, I   The Choral New Yorker        
       Design for October Iv. Epilogue        
Finzy, G   It never looks like Summer        
    It was a lover and his lass        
    Since we loved          
    The Market-Girl          
    Who is Silvia?          
Foster, S. C. Beautiful Dreamer          
    My Old Kentucky Home        
    Oh Susanna          
    Old Black Joe          
    Uncle Ned            
Griffes, C. T. In a Myrtle Shade          
    Symphony in Yellow          
Gurney, I   Five Elizabethan Songs (Complete)      
Harbison, J Mirabai Songs (Complete)        
Head, M   Sweet Chance, That Led My Steps Abroad      
Hindemith, P The Moon            
Hoiby, L   Jabberwocky          
Howelle, H King David          
Ireland, J   Sea Fever            
    Spring Sorrow          
    When I am Dead (Christina)        
Ives, C      The Indians          
Laitman, L   The Kiss, from Mystery          
Larsen, L   Songs from Letters: Calamity Jane      
       Your Mother Works for A Living      
    Sonnets from the Portuguese        
       No.6, How do I love thee?        
    Try Me, Good King          
       Jane Seymour          
Somervell, A Love in Spring-time          
       Young Love Lies Sleeping        
Swanson, H Joy            
    The World Feels Dusty        
Tchaikovsky, P  The Stars Looked Tenderly Upon Us      
Mendelssohn, F Draw near, all ye people        
Menotti, G. C. Dorme Pegaso          
    Lo Spettro            
Moore, B   The Lake Isle of Innisfree        
Musto, J   Quiet Songs          
       Christmas Carol          
    Recuerdo (Complete)        
    Shadow of the blues          
Persichetti, V When the Hills Do          
Purcell, H   I Saw that You were Grown so High      
    I'll Sail upon the Dog-Star         
    If Music be the Food of Love        
    Music for Awhile          
    Strike the Viol          
    Sweeter than Roses          
    The Fatal Hour          
    What Can We Poor Females Do?        
Quilter, R   Damask Roses          
    Five Shakespeare Songs (Complete)      
    Love’s Philosophy          
    My Life’s Delight          
    Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal        
       Music for a while          
    Six Songs, Op.25          
       No.5 Music, When Soft Voices Die      
    Weep You no More          
Rorem, N   Early in the Morning          
    Six Songs for High Voice (Complete)      
Walton, W   Tritons            
Warlock, P Roister Doister          
    The Singer            
Warren   God be in Our Heart          
Williams, R. V. Dream Land          
    Linden Lea          
    Silent Noon (Dante)          
    Songs of travel (Complete)        
    The Sky above the Roof        
Willson, M   Till There Was You          


Bernstein, L Trouble in Tahiti    
     What a Movie    
Britten, B The Turn of the Screw    
Gilbert&Sullivan Pirates of Penzance    
     Oh, Better Far to Live and Die  
Handel, F Theodora        
    Angelsm ever Bright    
    Thus let my thanks be pay'd    
     Music for a while    
Stravinsky, I The Rake’s Progress  
    Here I stand    
     I Go, I Go to Him    
Thomas, A Mignon        
     Adieu Mignon      
Mendelssohn, F Elijah        
     Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel  
     It is Enough! O Lord, Now Take Away my Life
Menotti, G. C. The Medium      
     Monica’s Waltz      
  The Old Maid and the Thief    
     Steal Me Sweet Thief    
     When the air sings of Summer    
Musto, J Volpone        
     Volpone aria    
Purcell, H Dido and Aeneas    
    When I am laid in earth    
  The Fairy Queen      
     Thrice Happy Lovers    
     Hark! The Ech’ing Air    
     Next, Winter Comes Slowly    
  The Indian Queen    
    I Attempt from Love’s Sickness    
Wilbur, R Cunegonde      
     Glitter and be Gay